Chashan Commercial Hub

A Proposal for a Mixed Used Commercial Hub in Chashan China , on a 9 hectare Site located near a major Railway line approximately an hour from Hong Kong.
Overall, the Chashan Masterplan represents a large scale arrangement of innovative urban planning, which has been conceived in a three- dimensional way from the very start and combines architectural, landscape, graphics and lighting aspects , where different ambiences of different streetscape within a comprehensive whole is implemented through changes in Scale, Levels, Materials and Activity.
Chashan Hub should be seen as a miniature city. Here the whole is not merely the Sum of the Parts. The part and the whole is continuously interrelated, and sometimes the Part competes with the Whole, or the Whole is contained in the part.The small scale is connected with the big scale while gradually changing, causing different dynamics of urban scale, i.e shopping- resting-walking experiences to be curated by the Architecture, Landscape and Retail settings.