Boeing Boeing Stage Set

A rethinking of the previous stage set for the Drama Centre at the National Library, FUUR Associates worked closely with director Glen Goei to capture the fun and (retro) optimistic modernity of the play. The set also breaks new ground as one having a ceiling, creating an intimate room setting, with the audience made to feel included in the thick of the action!
‎”Everything looks gorgeous in this confident production, from the muted and cavernous set by Ken-hin Teo that evokes the curves of an airplane cabin…..”
-Straits Times, Life Section, August 10th-
“Also, Ken-hin Teo must be applauded for creating the chic set design that was befitting of an architect’s bachelor pad and resembled an airplane cabin at the same time.”
-Business Times, 13 Aug 2010-
**NewsFlash – Ken’s Set nominated for Life Awards 2011 Best Set Design  – nice!